Forage South started in 2012 as a pop-up supper club. We wanted to create an exciting dining experience that reflected our love family, friends, and entertaining. What better way to do this than through breaking bread? We had some great success with Forage South, but most importantly we had a lot of fun, developed some great relationships, and we cooked awesome food for the awesome people of Nashville. Looking back, we’ve often reflected on the original idea and the progression of FS. I can honestly say we remained true to our foundation of family, friends, and entertaining, but practically everything else has changed. We aren’t doing many pop up dinners anymore, but who knows? We might. We are, however, doing a lot of other new things. We want to share our food with you and we will now be doing that through recipes, blogs, demos, and now our very own products! Forage South is stepping forward with a brand new way for you all to enjoy the southern flavors that are near and dear to my heart. Though I draw inspiration from all over the world (largely depending on what I’m in the mood to eat that day,) southern food particularly speaks to me. Not to be trite, but the rich heritage of food that surrounds me simply can’t be ignored. Starting with Forage South Biscuit Mixes and Potlikker Greens Boil, I am putting my personal touch on the most recognizable staples of the South and making them available for you to pick up and recreate in your own home. We are truly excited to be growing in this way and look forward to all the ways in which Forage South will continue to evolve.