Forage South started in 2012 as a pop up supper club with my buddy James Todd. We wanted to create an exciting dining experience that matched both of our love for family, friends, and entertaining. What better way to do this than through breaking bread. We had some great success with Forage but most importantly we had a lot of fun, developed some great relationships, and we cooked awesome food for the awesome people of Nashville.  A little over a year ago I opened up Mason’s and I quickly found all my time spent busy with the restaurant and my family. Forage South was placed on the back burner to simmer. Looking back I’ve reflected on the original idea and the progression of Forage. I can honestly say we stayed true to our foundation of family, friends, and entertaining. As we evolve that’s still and always will be the backbone of Forage. My only desire is to be able to share incredible food experiences with each and everyone of you through recipes, demos, and yes…there will be pop up dinners with the first of which I’m trying to hammer out for September. I’ve realized over the last year that the best food comes from the heart and that’s exactly what I’ll be putting on the plate.